TWEETY’S STYLE: Old Navy (@oldnavy) + YHC Boutique (@YHCboutique)!

I have been so busy lately that I have not been able to post some of my looks from the summer. So right now I am playing catch up! :/ I love to stand out with my style and there is no better time to do such thing than in the bright, hot summer day. I was looking through my closet and I was feeling good and enjoying life so I wanted to express that in my wear! My future is so bright that not only do I have to wear shades but I had to wear the colors and a little pastel too. The funny thing about this outfit is that when I was buying the Lilac Tight Jeans from Old Navy I was under the impression that they were jeans but it actually turned out to be a corduroy material. None the less, I was slightly disappointed but I was able to still rock it because it was not a thick material. I love this look and I hope you love it too! You can get the really cool bodysuit right at YHC Boutique and you are in luck because it is on sale for $45.00 and if you use the code “SUMMERSALE” you can get 5% off! Cat Eye Glasses (Rampage) // SALE! Boom Body Suit (YHC Boutique)  // Lilac Tight Jeans (Old Navy) // Neon Shoes- Shoe Republic L.A.

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TWEETY’S STYLE: Oh So Chic Skirt from YHC Boutique (@YHCboutique)! ***

I have been so busy lately that I have not been able to post some of my looks from the summer. So right now I am playing catch up! :/

This summer has been so hot but I loved it! When I rocked this look I was on my way to another business meeting in NYC and I needed to stay cool and classy so I chose the ensemble that you see.

The shirt is a laced back tank that I picked up at Rainbow Shops (yup, I have no problem saying that!).

The skirt that you see can be found on my boutique, YHC Boutique ($35). The details of the skirt are so delicate and classy; it is decorated with pearls and gloves… so chic.

To complement my look I added a necklace which was made of genuine crystal, turquoise and pearls for a pop of culture (Native American) and color.

I also added a black patent leather belt is to create a contrast separation in order to make the white more crisp and the gray skirt with details stand out.

The pink patent leather peep toe shoes are by my favorite shoe company Shoe Republic L.A. and my look is now complete.

The people at my fashionable meeting LOVED the look and said that my future is very promising in fashion, and coming from them that means a lot!

What do you think?

Oh So Chic Skirt (YHC Boutique)  // Tank (Rainbow Shops) // Pinup Shoes- Shoe Republic L.A.

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TWEETY’S STYLE: Rocking Sparkly Chic featuring YHC Boutique (@YHCboutique)

Sparkle during the day is fab! So I was on my way to a meeting, and I wanted to wearing something fun and outstanding and this is the look that I decided to go for.I got great compliments on my peplum sequins pencil skirt. The jacket looks so cool, but needless to say, it was too hot so I wore it for a hot minute…literally!The tank was fresh and I am totally Teen Vogue!A special thanks to the ladies of Blu Dahlia and especially Cyan Jeffries for being a great teacher!!!You can get the look at

Peplum Sequins Pencil Skirt- $60

TWEETY’S LOOKBOOK: Urban FLRT T-Shirt + Shoe Republic LA + Yumnah Najah Designs Jewelry


Hey Fashionstas:

So this weekend was quite awesome, if I should say so…lol

This past weekend, I hosted and co-produced with my parents a trunk show for the uber-talented Corey Wesley of Urban Flrt. As a hostess, I was given a shirt to wear that was made especially for me!!! I call it Tweety Fierce!!! LOL… Doesn’t she look just like me???

I am so into “Street Chic” fashion because it is so real and most of the inspiration that designers get comes from what they see in the city and the people that live there, and this is what makes Urban Flrt my #1 Street Chic item to wear.

I was so honored to learn that I am a muse to the line of women’s tees that are created by Urban Flrt. These tees are not just your average tees. They are extremely soft and made with an embedded ink that will make the shirt last a lifetime. Please visit the website: to check out some of the great work offered for the Spring/Summer Line 2013.

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TWEETY’S LOOKBOOK: My Chilling Style


Hey Fashionistas!

So today there was a really good wind and I couldn’t help but let my hair catch some of that breeze…lol. I know that I wear buns a lot (some would call it my “signature”) but I actually do let my hair down for the sake of health and yeah, beauty.

Today I was on my chill so I went deep into my closet and found this 80’s paisley blouse that I love to wear because it is so comfortable. I wore a pair of jeans from Old Navy that fit like a glove and I felt that the light color made my plum colored shoes that I received from Sole Society during the very first Walk the Talk Shoes and Accessories Party. Pumps cam be really cool to wear to jazz up your chilled look. No jewelry accessories today ladies and gents because I wanted to be… just me.

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TWEETY’S LOOKBOOK: Vintage Chic! Winter White, Print Blouse, Sky Blue Jeans and Leopard Pumps by Shoe Republic LA


Hey Fashionistas:

It is cold outside!!! I wanted to take a walk on this really cool brisk day right before NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!!!!

I went totally vintage with a few finds that I got at a store in the Germantown section of Philly, PA. I wanted to play with different textures and patterns since the mix and match is a trend right now. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

I have to tell you that I LOVE my shoes from Shoe Republic LA because they are so comfortable and you can pretty much work them in with any look but I like these pair of Rivera’s thick heel mostly with jeans because it makes the go up a notch.

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