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FASHIONISTA FINDS: 4 Fashion Sandals for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner and nothing says cool like open toe sandals that allow you to show off pedicures, take comfortable walks on the beach or enjoy a night out on the town with feet on display. Here are four of our favorite sandals, and we wonder if you can catch the theme 😉

Women’s Sandrine Beaded Starfish Sandal, Pearl – Charlotte Olympia


These shoes are gorgeous and perfect for that all white party at the Hampton’s. Wear with a maxi dress or a knee length pencil skirt.

Women’s Sandrine Beaded Starfish Sandal, Pearl – Charlotte Olympia – $895.00, 21.00 shipping – Available at Neiman Marcus


Island Hawaii White Women’s Star Flower Thong Sandals


These shoes are comfortable and fashionable. Be able to walk down the boardwalk in style and comfort. Pair these pretties with a really cute and colorful tunic.

Island Hawaii White Women’s Star Flower Thong Sandals – $19.97, 5.48 shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon


Women’s Chandelier Thong Sandal, Coral – Rene Caovilla


Day or night, these shoes are out of sight! Take your look from everyday to flash-ilous when you pair these babies with a pair of denim shorts and a solid racerback tank. Add a lot of pizzazz to your style when you wear them with a long maxi dress.

Women’s Chandelier Thong Sandal, Coral – Rene Caovilla – $1285.00, 21.00 shipping – Available at Neiman Marcus


Pearly & Crystal Flat Thong Sandal, Black – Rene Caovilla


A fun twist on a tuxedo, these flat thong sandals sure are pricey but worth every penny. Make your feet the center of attention in these ladylike flats that will match almost anything in your closet. Wear with a black and white short suit, and be the lady of the leisure and sophistication.

Pearly & Crystal Flat Thong Sandal, Black – Rene Caovilla – $1075.00, 21.00 shipping – Available at Neiman Marcus


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Postpresso.


TREND: Style Your Scarf for Warmth and Fashion

A pretty scarf is not just for outer wear! Scarves are mostly worn with coats to protect the neck from the cold winter winds that can leave you chilled. Scarves have always been the necessity to winter wear. As of late, scarves have become the go-to accessory to add a little mod to your everyday look.  Work all year round, a scarf is very easy and fun to wear. From the many textures and patterns, a scarf can add funk or class to your wardrobe. It is all up to your sense of style.  Try for yourself: Take a plain tee shirt and jeans and make a trendy fashionable look in seconds.

And you no longer have to just throw a scarf around your neck. There are many cool ways to take your scarf and fancy it up, making it the centerpiece of your attire. Check out the many looks that we acquired from one long scarf that was found in our winter fashion chest.

The Waterfall

The Rich Lady Twist

The Butterfly Bow Tie

The Twister Pretzel Knot

The Rose

The Three Knot Twist

The Hollywood Wrap

The Infinity

If these looks don’t tickle your fancy, then wear it like the great Coco Chanel! She really knew how to wear a scarf. There are so many ways to decorate your neck with a scarf the only important rule is to make it your own and have fun doing it.

How do you tie your scarf? What is your favorite texture of a scarf?

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FASHION: 7 Stylish Hats for the Holidays and Beyond!

Stylish Holiday Hats

One thing that we all can agree upon when it comes to the winter is this:

It’s cold!

When the winds are blowing and the snow is building, it can be quite difficult to get out of our warm toasty beds and head off to work or classes. It’s not easy facing Old Man Winter head on… Or maybe we can face the wrath of the bitter old man by covering our head in a warm and stylish hat that is perfect for the cold wintry days and nights.

Some hats are perfectly stylish for the holiday season whether it’s to wear to the mall or on the slopes. You can find a fabulous hat for wearing out on a holiday date or wearing on your commute to work.

There is no need to take a beating in fashion because of the weather. Fight back by wearing one of these young, hip and chic styles of hats and be the knockout we know you are!

Brave Soul Panda Beanie
An animal beanie is really young, hip and chic!
Boohoo Sophie Bowler Hat
The bowler hat is a really chic style that has been around for quite some time. Dress up a very casual look in a bright and colorful bowler hat.
Juicy Couture Leopard Print Beanie with Faux Fur
An animal printed beanie with a faux fur pompom is so cute that you may never take it off!
Winter Chill Beanie

A loose fitted beanie is a cool and stylish trend that is seen a lot on college campuses. What makes the loose fitted beanie so cool is that it looks great with almost anything you wear.

High Risk Slouchy Beret
The slouch beret is very modish and can really give your outerwear or clothing a cool and relaxed look while still maintaining the fashion standards.
Boohoo Jillian Wide Brim Hat
Always classy and always sensible, the wide brim hat look stunning and warm all at the same time.
Pepe Jeans Fedora Hat with Leather Trim
The fedora with leather trimming is always an attention grabber especially when it is a bright and bold color like red or cobalt blue.

What kind of hat are you looking to wear for the holiday season? Will you be spending time at a ski resort? Will you be visiting your relatives? Do you have a dinner date with your friends?

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SHOPPING: 10 of the Best Luxury Fashion/Designer Goods for the Holidays!

Best Fashion/Designer Luxury Goods for the Holidays!You worked hard for it and you deserve it. It’s not often that you have the chance to purchase what you want. The kids need new shoes; your house needs to be painted. You have payments for almost everything that needs to be made every month. When is it ever your turn? Now that the holiday season has arrived, you should finally have your moment. It is time to purchase that item that you really have no need for… you just want it! So where do you begin your fashion frenzy? Look no further, here are a few items that will make you drop to your need in adoration. Will you have buyer’s remorse? Maybe… but you are gonna love the way you look.

Christian Louboutin Daffodile
These colorful heels should be in your closet!
Versace Venus Rose Gold Pvd Watch With Light Green Guilloche Dial, 39mm
You’ll want to tell everyone what time it is in this showstopper!
Prada Saffiano Lux Bicolor Top-Handle Bag
Be the envy of all the ladies as you dig in this to pull out a pen.
Dior Burgundy/Grey Tortoiseshell Frame Chicago Sunglasses
Elegant and chic!
Valentino Logo Leather Platino Belt
Look amazing in your white v-neck tee and boyfriend jeans when you add this to your waist. Flashilous!
BURBERRY LONDON Patterned Trafalgar Umbrella in Camel
When it rains, it pours. But have you ever seen a rain blocker so stylish?
DSQUARED Silk Satin Baseball Hat
When the turban meets the baseball cap, they give birth to this…
GIORGIO FEDON 1919 Briefcase
Carry your laptop in luxury!
Solstice Dior Homme BlackTie 134
When you have to block out the haters.
BLACK BROWN 1826 Menner Monk Strap Brogues
Wing tips for Wall Street. Look like money with each step.

What items will you be splurging on for the holidays?

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SHOPPING: Buying Mom the Perfect Christmas Accessories!

Buying Mom the Perfect Christmas Accessories
Mom… No better word to describe such a remarkable woman. She has been there from the beginning to the end; she has seen it all and heard it all and more than likely worn it all. Nothing is foreign to her. She has conquered some of the dirtiest smelliest diapers, endured long sleepless nights, survived some of the worse fashion trends in history, and to top it all off… she has dealt with all emotions known to human! So, the least we can do is give her the perfect gift for Christmas to show her our appreciation.

What is the best accessory and how do you choose it?

Here are 5 of the best accessories you can get for the MOM in your life!
Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote

An Over-sized Black Bag- One of the best accessories to give mom is an over-sized bag because a bag is her world, literally. In her bag holds everything she needs during her fast moving life (i.e. diapers, etc.) and getting a large one allows her to have everything she needs.  Getting a black bag is a plus because it will allow her to match it with any of her outerwear and be fashionable while doing it.

Tory Burch Foundation Sunglasses
Tory Burch Foundation Sunglasses

Large Shades- A mom is bound to be up all night sometimes caring for her loved ones; keeping the family happy and healthy. Sometimes the effects of being up all night is tired eyes. Help mom cover her peepers with a swanky pair of shades. Some of the best shades are over-sized. This is a gift that mom will love.

Fossil Virginia Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch
Fossil Virginia Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch

A Fashionable Watch- Mom lives by the ticking of the clock. From dropping kids off to school, to running to the next business meeting, mom has no time to waste. Select a gorgeous watch that fits mom’s taste and she will surely fit you into her busy schedule.

Chic Comfortable Flats- Mom is always on the move and at a fast pace to get around almost everywhere. High-heels are not always fitting to her lifestyle so flatter her with a pair of fashionable flats.  Stylish flats are awesome for the woman who is a true Fashionista and the woman that loves to wear a pair of jeans and a tee. The right shoes can make most outfits dashing! Mom will appreciate you for it.

Wallet- This vital item is in every mom’s pocketbook. It holds all her most important information and everything else she needs safe and protected. Get the mom in your life a great leather wallet with plenty of compartments. This is a thoughtful gift that each time she pulls it from her over-sized bag, she will think of you.

What are some of your best gifts for mom?

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Festive Colors That Are Approved for the Holidays!

Festive Colors That Are Approved for the Holidays!The holidays are approaching and you want to spread your holiday cheer! What better way than with your holiday wardrobe. Here are a few great colors that will make people feel the spirit of the festivities from your heart to your fashionable attire.

Festive Colors That Are Approved for the Holidays!
Silver- Wearing silver is very sparkling and elegant and goes well with almost any color. It is an attention grabber and a very popular color to wear on New Year’s Eve. It is a color that is also known to be calming and filled with great energy. What better way to bring in the New Year than with a color that is associated with wealth and prestige.

How to wear:
Christmas- Wear a silver sequins skirt with a dark green fitted turtleneck.
New Year’s Eve- Wear an all sequins silver cocktail dress and pair it with a purple clutch and purple platform pumps.

Festive Colors That Are Approved for the Holidays!
Gold- The color gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. It is associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury, prestige and sophistication. This color is always a great color to mix into the holiday affairs because it has the ability to be cheerful and eye-catching which draws attention to all of your fabulous!

How to wear:
Christmas- Purchase a really cute festive sweater that has gold embedded into the thread. White and gold are always a nice combination.
New Year’s Eve- Look like luxury in a full-length gold sequins dress with a sweet-heart cut and spaghetti straps. You can be stunning in either shiny or muted gold tones.

Festive Colors That Are Approved for the Holidays!
Red- The color red is a staple for Christmas and the jolly man, Santa, and all of his holiday cheer. You can also look filled with joy, laughter and make great memories in the color red. When you wear red, people are reminded during the holiday season to share in love and good vibes. It is important to note that you don’t want to wear too much red, as you may be likened to the devil, so be sure to tone it down with a different color or choose different shades of red like burgundy or bing cherry red.

How to wear:
Christmas- Red and a muted gold are great colors to mix. Wear a muted gold short sleeve scoop neck T-shirt with a pair of red jeans and a killer pair of black and gold stilettos.
New Year’s Eve- Consider a cream white satin blouse with a bow tie; a red, knee length, A-line skirt that has a lot of flair; and add with a red or gold glittery sandal.

Festive Colors That Are Approved for the Holidays!
Winter White- The taboo of wearing white after Labor Day has faded and has now become the growing trend just in time for the holidays. Not only is white a color that promotes purity and innocence, but also completion. Think about starting anew during the holidays and putting the past away to make room for the future.

How to wear:
Christmas- You can wear a stunning vanilla white pants suit, bright red blouse and a pair of patent leather red pumps.
New Year’s Eve- An all white cocktail dress always does this trick especially when you add sparkly accessories like an emerald green clutch or sturdy silver pumps.

Festive Colors That Are Approved for the Holidays!
Green- The loving color of nature is also festive for the holiday that is known for wealth and prosperity. It is also a color that reminds us of growth and renewal. Just think about the fresh pine trees coated in winter white snow… What serenity! Green is also reminiscent of home, family and friends. So wearing green will draw a lot of peace and love.

How to wear:
Christmas- It is never too corny to get into the festive feeling. Wear a holiday graphic tee with a pair of black jeans and add some gold accessories, including shoes.
New Year’s Eve- You can never go wrong in an emerald green jeweled tone backless dress with spaghetti straps. Add silver accessories particularly a silver clutch.

Check out this awesome fashion moment of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface:

What festive colors will you be wearing for the holidays?

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