FASHION: @NickiMinaj Unveils Full @Kmart Collection

K-Mart is always looking to catch the eyes of the young fashionistas. They have been appealing to a younger and more urban customer base for their clothing and with the new line that is now making a buzz on the net, they just may be on to something.

Nicki Minaj, the 29-year-old rapping diva, has let the world know through her Instagram, that she is set to release a Fall collection with K-Mart full of form fitting dresses, spandex, edgy patterned patterns, and two-piece suits.

The over-the-top singer/rapper ready to make a statement with her first clothing collection which is set to be released, according to Nicki, stores by October/November.

After reviewing the collection, I have to say I love the colors and patterns! They are very fun and upbeat! Although I don’t know if you would see me in all of these designs because they are a little too tight-fitted for my taste, but I do wish Nicki lots of luck with her line!

Check out the affordable collection featuring Nicki as her own model.

What do you think of the collection? Do you think it will be a success?

Photos: Instagram/@NickiMinaj


FASHION: Is Rita Ora the new “Material Girl”? Singer signs $760,000 deal…

Daily Mail reported that singer, Rita Ora,  may be in line to Georgia May Jagger as the face of Madonna’s Material Girl fashion clothing line.

Rita, 22, is said to have signed a $760,000 deal with the clothing line catering to teens sold only at Macy’s and she has apparently already shot a campaign ad.

Daily Mail also stated that  it is believed that Rita was recommended as the new face by Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, 16, who is also a co-designer of the collection.

A source told The Sun: ‘Lourdes has been a fan of Rita for a while and has been to many of her gigs. She persuaded her mum to see her.
‘They met at the Met Ball in New York last week and Madonna admired Rita’s attitude so signed the idea off.’

They also added:
‘Rita jumped at the chance because she’s such a fan of the Queen of Pop,’ the source continued.
‘She also hopes it will help her crack the States in the same way she has the UK.’

What do you think? Does Rita could make a good fit with the brand? I’m listening…

BEAUTY: Tamar Braxton Uncovers Struggle With Vitiligo [PHOTOS]

Tamar Braxton, the youngest Braxton sister, and the life of the show, The Braxton’s Family Values has come out and let it be known that she has vitiligo, a skin disease which causes discoloration.

After the debut of the hit show, Braxton’s Family Values in 2011, rumors came out in the press that Tamar was bleaching her skin. Unfair  journalism blogging was done in, my opinion. No one actually took out the time to do their research and ask the tough questions before making a conclusion about Tamar and why she appeared to be lighter than all of the other Braxtons.

In an exclusive interview with Ebony this week, she laid the rumors to rest by revealing that her lighter-toned skin is due to vitiligo, a skin disease which causes discoloration. She also stated that she has had it at a very young age.

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GIRL POWER: Honoring the Women of History: Miss Lena Horne…

Lena Horne was not just a pretty face, but a legend not only of her time but the present too. She was a very successful singer, dancer, actress, and more importantly a civil rights activist.

Miss Lena Mary Calhoun Horne was an African American, born on June 30, 1917 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Her mother, Edna Scottron, and father, Edwin “Teddy” Horne were middle-class people and very educated.

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FASHIONISTA FACTS: What Is A Corset? Is It Outerwear or Underwear? wrote an article called “Corsets as Outerwear?” which was questioning whether or not “the role of corsets in the shifting role of underwear as outerwear” and I thought it was rather interesting. What do you think?
I found that Rihanna was/is a huge fan of the trend, wear it whenever possible from the stage to the streets.

It is funny how the undergarment was to help shape the body and now the look is for pure fashion sense and can be worn with nothing but jeans.

Like said, “What a fascinating shift! If a Victorian woman showed her corset, it would be shocking, and I’m sure she would be thought of as a very loose woman (read: hooker). But now a woman showing her corset is in the mainstream, and a woman wearing her corset as underwear is the perverse one.”

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PROM FASHION: T.I. and Tiny’s Daughter, Zonnique Goes To Prom!

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s & T.I.’s daughter Zonnique Pullins headed to prom a few days ago with rapper, Rocko’s son! Event though she is 17-years-old and is on her way next year to being a high school senior, the OMG Girlz member “Star” was asked to prom by rapper Rocko’s son.

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CELEBRITY FASHION: Fashion MISSES at the 2013 Met Gala!

The Met Gala‘s red carpet has always been known as the Oscars for celebrity fashion and I was slightly disappointed to see some of my favorite celebrity stylistas fail to make my best dressed list! So many patterned dresses with matching patterned shoes, distracting headpieces,  and awkward cuts, SMH…so disappointed. Below are some of the worst celebrity fashion of the night and why I think it was a miss!

So sorry to all the Bees in the B-Hive… As much as I appreciate Beyonce’s drive for success, Beyonce in Givenchy was sadly a miss for me. I was expecting something better for the lady who acted as an honorary chair of the event. I think the combination of the matching boots and gloves are just too much, the bust looks uncomfortable, and the buckle belt just made it look too busy. I give her a 10 for her natural makeup!

Sarah Jessica Parker did not make my best dressed list simply because her headpiece by Phillip Treacy and dress by Giles Deacon made me feel overwhelmed not to mention the combination of the shoes were, blah. Take away the headpiece and maybe…

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