BEAUTY: Do you think you spend too much on makeup? Find Out! [POLL]

According to The Gloss, Women spend $7 billion a year on makeup, and that’s around $100 each.

Vanity Fare says in the U.S. alone, 68% of the 70 million women in the country (48 million) work and have money to spend on beauty, and $17 billion dollars is spent on makeup in the U.S. alone.

Some say, women purchase 2-3 times on average more makeup than they need or use.

The average woman owns:

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EARTH DAY! 7 Ways to Make Fashion/Beauty Earth Friendly!

Earth Day is here! As a Native American, I believe that Earth Day is everyday and we should always be considerate of the world that makes sure we have everything we need EVERYDAY without ever asking for anything… but respect. Take that into consideration.

Well, for Earth day, I choose to post up a few ways to make fashion and beauty earth friendly.

Give to a Goodwill or Salvation Army. This is one quick and easy way of recycling, and a great way to give back to your community, especially those in need. When you change over your winter clothes to get your bright summer clothing give your unwanted clothing to the Salvation Army or the Goodwill which will not only give you more room but it will also give you a reason to get more fashionable clothing! Oh, don’t forget to shop there too!

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EVENT: Tweety on the Scene at Sultry’s Make Up Launch- “Springtime in Paris”

You know that I love to support fashionistas that love to support me, and that is what I did this past weekend. On April 14, 2013 my wonderful makeup artists, Ms. Toni launched her new lipstick and gloss line, “Springtime in Paris” for her new makeup line, Sultry at Marki Starr Studio in Philly, PA. The studio was very quaint, chic and perfect place to launch Ms. Toni’s lip line.

The lipstick is made smooth with a little matte but enough vitamin E that it gives you a smooth feel. Each gloss and lipstick is made of natural ingredients such as bees wax, mica and pigment, Vitamin E, and Castor Oil. The colors are very vibrant and most of the colors look great on almost any skin tone (again, almost every, not every skin tone). I was wearing a really pretty orange color called, “Romantique “which was my favorite color.

There were a lot of good people in attendance to receive goodies bags with samples of the gloss, including the Blue Nile color that had the crowd buzzing.  There were light refreshments (the Spinach Dip was EVERYTHING), good music provided by DJ Dior, and makeup testing with the one and only Ms. Toni that led to spending.

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ASK TWEETY: What eye shadow colors are best for green eyes?

Hi Tweety! Love the blog!

I have green eyes and I wanted to know, what eye shadow colors are best for green eyes?

-Maggy, 17

Hi Maggy!

Thanks for your questions. I really appreciate your support!

Now for you question: I have to say green-eyed people are lucky because you have many options for eye shadow colors. You can choose from many different colors that make your eyes look more vibrant!

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INTERVIEW: How a tweet to @EvelynLozada changed Rose Amilcar’s Prom!

According to (2012)  families spend between $1,000 to $2,000 during the prom season on everything from the perfect dress to the dinner for two. Want to know what the family spends the most on? If you guessed the prom dress, then you are absolutely right. Your question may be why the prom dress, but if you’ve been to the prom you know that the first thing you notice about the girl is her dress. The color, the cut, the jewels, the length, etc. those are the things you notice and those are the things that tell about the girls personality and fashion sense.

A girl (or rather her parents) can spend an average of $231-$1,000+ on a dress just to impress her peers and feel absolutely beautiful, so finding a dress to match her emotions and personality at half the cost is a HUGE blessing!

Well recently, a humble young lady from a small rural city, called Belle Glade in south Florida got better than that! She got a FREE dress brought from no other than famous Basketball Wife, Evelyn Lozada all thanks to a tweet she made.

I wrote about the story earlier this week when Evelyn Lozada posted on her blog a beautiful letter from the young lady I did a kind deed for, Rose Amilcar.

I had the opportunity to interview Rose who told me about her tweet, her friendship with Lozada, and how her prom was a night to remember. Read for yourself.

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#BEAUTY: Ombre for your Nails (DIY)

Photo courtesy of American Apparel

All kinds of fashionable trends are popping up in fashion for Spring/Summer 2013 like sequins, ruffles, pastels, and many more but you know when a trend is BIG when you start seeing it come up as a beauty trend. What trend could I be talking about? Well, none other than the Ombre trend.

The first question I am sure you want answered is, what is Ombre? Ombre, according to means:


having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

This style is becoming popular in skirts, dresses, hair, and even accessories!!! Believe it or not, nails are an accessory too (when they are done right) and that is why I believe that the Ombre trend is on the rise for nail art.

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