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Young, Hip & Chic (YHC for short) was developed while Tweety was watching TMZ, Extra, and E! “I was watching these shows because I like to see what people are wearing but I was becoming so tired of seeing Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton without panties! Not to mention, I thought to myself, these are role models?” Tweety passionately expresses.

YHC is to celebrate the art of fashion by educating people between the ages of 12-19 years of age that fashion, in fact, is an art that is expressed from the designer to the people that purchase it. Each week, the show will focus on different styles from antique, to grunge, to whatever trend is evolving and revolving. YHC will also inform people with fashion facts, the history of fashions, and the meaning of words that are heard and not often explained. “I think that to be a fashionista, you have to know the five W’s of fashion—who, what, when, where and why.” Tweety explains. “The overall experience of YHC is to show that fashion can be fun; to know that clothes do not make you, you make the clothes, and being a diva is so overrated,” she explains.

“I think that loving who you are from the inside shows on the outside, and that love of fashion makes you a true fashionista!”


About Tweety
Tweety Elitou is one of the youngest Fashionista’s recognized in the industry and the first and youngest to ever create a webisode that is based solely on fashion. Tweety is of Native American descent and comes from a very artistic family, which explains her colorful background. She is no stranger to the world of fashion. At the age of six, she graduated from John R. Powers’s Modeling School in Philly, PA with top honors. “I have been loving fashion since I was really, really little. My favorite store was the Gap because I loved the styles and how I could dress it up or down, anyway that I wanted, and I was only four!” she says.
She loves her culture and has learned a lot about fashion through her cultural roots. When just a young girl, her father taught her about indigenous fashion and how every nation, tribe, clan, family and individual had their own unique sense of style. Knowing that fashion is very much an ancient form of artistic expression, she made up her mind to learn all she could about the ever changing fashion industry.

She makes jewelry and loves photography in front of and behind the camera—a love that she shares with her dad.
Tweety has appeared in Naturally You! Magazine, reached #14 on the Heatlist CountdownatLiterarydish.com3 Guys Don’t Lie TVFashion Frenzy TV and Mami Magazine. She was also featured on CBS Channel 3 by Nicole Brewer and the CW’s What’s Brewing.
She was recently on PW Style Blog as “Young Hip & Cheeky”She-Blogs.com and Power 99 fm’s Shamara Shamaralisted her on her Blog as “a girl you should definitely watch”. As an Iconz Model, she has done several fashion shows including theSensationel Hair Idol in which the King of Hair Glynn Jacksonstated, “She is a joy and pleasure to work with and I wish I had more models like her, she fills my heart.” She has been a guest judge for the Jo’ni Modelz, Inc- Rip the Runway Competition, the host ofthe FBH Philly Fashion Week for the youth (2009 Spring Collection), and she is the protégé of Essence Best-Selling author, Miashaand the spokes girl for her foundation, Ask Miasha“Tweety is a great girl and very inspiring. She is someone that other little girls will look up to and I am so proud of her,”says Miasha. She will be releasing her first book,Girl Power: the Go-To Guide for Teens to Becoming Perfect Young Ladies, and is now working on the sequel, Girl Power Two: Building a Better You! All of this while maintaining straight A’s in school every year!
On a regular day, Tweety loves to play with her sister and brothers, sew and bead jewelry, play basketball and swim, read and draw, and study her native roots.
Note to Media: Tweety Elitou is avilable for interview. Please contact younghipchic@gmail.com to set it up.

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