Making a Statement Without Saying a Word

Valentines Girl

Dear Hearts:

Do you remember the motto from the Exclamation perfume, “Make a statement without saying a word”? For those of you darlings that may not be old enough to remember the 80’s brand, the words are very valid to this date and will last until infinity.

It is not always important to make a statement with words. Statements can be made in your body language, your hair and of course, your clothing.

When it comes to your clothing choice, it is always best to wear what makes your feel good but most importantly, what looks good on you. This is why most women wear a well-tailored suit.

Now that we have approached the wonderful spring weather, I say ditch the suits and get stylish in clothing that is professional and fun.

Here are two looks that I think are perfect for the office, a lunch meeting, or whatever business…

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Surround Yourself With People That Will Only Lift You Higher!

Valentines Girl

Valentines Girl

Dear Hearts:

I will be honest with you. The road to success whether it is business or personal is not easy and in some cases, it can be very tough. There is nothing easy about life and the challenges that are thrown at you from day to day. Some are easy to accomplish, others are not. This is why I believe it is so important to surround yourself with people that are on your side; people that are going in the same direction as you; people that make you a better version of yourself.

Sometimes it is easy to get swallowed up by negativity and complaints. Do you know how that happens? It happens when you are surrounded by negative thinking people. Sometimes they are referred to as “Debbie Downer” You know the person that sees the glass as half empty. She never has an encouraging word and she always…

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