Wearing Heels to Seal the Deal! The Best Shoes to Wear To a Business Meeting

Valentines Girl

shoes and business

Dear Hearts,

In the business world predominantly filled with men, we as women are encouraged to be strong and wear a tough skin in order to be taken seriously in a “Man’s World.” This is true not only in business but also in fashion.

Tailored suits and slacks are the obvious choices for the boardroom, but as women we don’t want to lose of feminine edge. Most women like to express their feminine side in really amazing shoes. But are stilettos appropriate for business? Can we wear heels and still be seen as an equal?

My mantra is this, “Wearing heels can seal the deal!”

Hearts, don’t be afraid to make a statement with your heels. They can be just as strong as any shoes that a man wears. The height that heels can give you is powerful. It is all in how you carry yourself and being sure that…

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