“Normal Can Be So Boring”- Wisdom from Marilyn Monroe

Valentines Girl

casey marilyn

Dear Hearts,

When I read that Marilyn Monroe quote it rang in my head like a million bells going off. I have never been a normal gal because being normal is not being noticed.

  • Just imagine, if Marilyn would have been so concerned about her weight, would we know her for the iconic dress blowing up in the air?
  • If she played the normal role, would we have seen her face in the movies?
  • If she remained a normal gal, would she have sung that sultry “Happy Birthday” to the then president, John F. Kennedy?

Okay, you get my point. Normal does not always get the success that you think you deserve, but sometimes thinking outside the box get you the well-deserved attention you want and need to seal the deal to success.

Let’s start with the normal idea of dress in the corporate office. It is expected that women…

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