Choosing Your Style- It’s All In How You Feel!

Valentines Girl

Dear Hearts:

When it comes to the weekend, we women like to let our hair down and be who we are. After wearing suits or business attire for most of the week, nothing is more exciting than dressing like we feel. Sometimes you feel like that badass biker girl and sometimes you feel like that soccer mom. Whatever it is that you are embracing for the day be comfortable in it.

Here are a few looks to inspire you in your weekend style!

Weekend FashionWeekend Warrior- Be mysterious and stylish as you accomplish your weekend goals. All black everything is perfect for day and night.

Weekend Fashion1The Stylish Student- Just because you’re studious does mean that you’re not snazzy. Get dolled up and read a book or two.

Weekend Fashion3The Dashing Dame- Blow your dates mind with a stunning fitted dress that accentuates all of your lovely curves.

Weekend Fashion2Sassy Superwoman- Let them know…

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