FASHION WEEK REVIEW: The @Wildfox Collection #MBFW2014


Kimberly Gordon made her New York Fashion Week debut, with her Wildfox creations which was indeed young, hip and chic. Inspired by London and country side beauty, Wildfox was filled with pretty pastels, lots of flowers, and a taste of British boldness.

Wildfox is in touch with the fashion that appeals to young women who love to be look flirty and cool with a touch of badass. The soft cotton look and feel of the material was breathtaking as it flowed on the runway.

The collection featured:

A white flowing maxi skirt paired with a blue and white toile denim jacket and matching bikini top. It was an awesome connection of soft, innocent and trendy.

There were also really fun and chic oversized sweaters that featured the British flag in peach and beige; a grey sweater with a white swan, and the cutest distressed sweater with a cartoonish Grenadier guard on the front.

What caught the attention of most of the fashion talkers were the soft and warm cardigans that looked perfect for cool spring days.  Our favorite was a peach cape cardigan with fringes that was paired with a toile skater skirt and an oversized tee. The long black boots were the perfect touch to adding chic and fabulous.

Overall, the fashion of Wildfox will be what all the girls will be wearing in the school halls and malls across the nation. Wildfox makes femininity really awesome.

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