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Janet's Journee

On Sunday, December 15, 2013, I had the opportunity to attend Walk the Talk hosted by Young, Hip, and Chic at Showroom 77, in Philadelphia, PA.  I had an amazing time at the event, there was plenty of delicious food, fun, networking with other fabulous bloggers, stylists, and fashion designers in the city, and plenty of giveaways!  I met so many amazing ladies and gents and I look forward to networking with them in the near future.  The event was hosted by blogger Syreeta of Sincerely Syreeta and founder of the event Tweety Elitou of the blog Young, Hip, and Chic.  By the way, Tweety is attending the Fashion Institute of New York and keeping up with her blog and events, and she is doing an amazing job at it!  The best part of the event was receiving a free pair of shoes, the first 33 bloggers to…

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TREND: Style Your Scarf for Warmth and Fashion

A pretty scarf is not just for outer wear! Scarves are mostly worn with coats to protect the neck from the cold winter winds that can leave you chilled. Scarves have always been the necessity to winter wear. As of late, scarves have become the go-to accessory to add a little mod to your everyday look.  Work all year round, a scarf is very easy and fun to wear. From the many textures and patterns, a scarf can add funk or class to your wardrobe. It is all up to your sense of style.  Try for yourself: Take a plain tee shirt and jeans and make a trendy fashionable look in seconds.

And you no longer have to just throw a scarf around your neck. There are many cool ways to take your scarf and fancy it up, making it the centerpiece of your attire. Check out the many looks that we acquired from one long scarf that was found in our winter fashion chest.

The Waterfall

The Rich Lady Twist

The Butterfly Bow Tie

The Twister Pretzel Knot

The Rose

The Three Knot Twist

The Hollywood Wrap

The Infinity

If these looks don’t tickle your fancy, then wear it like the great Coco Chanel! She really knew how to wear a scarf. There are so many ways to decorate your neck with a scarf the only important rule is to make it your own and have fun doing it.

How do you tie your scarf? What is your favorite texture of a scarf?

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Shopping for a New Year’s Eve Dress: Fashionably Fit for the Occasion

New Years Eve Dresses

What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Better question: what are you wearing?

During a holiday that is fun and fabulous, it can really be hard to determine what you want to wear? In most cases it will depend upon where you are going and what you will be doing? Will you be dancing the night away? Will you be hosting your own dinner party? Will you be spending time at church? These are very important questions to consider before you make the purchase.

Once you have figured out your destination and how you will be participating in the festivities, then you can decide what dress will be most appropriate for your evening affair.

Below are a few dress ideas to help you look chic, have fun and have a happy New Year!

ZUHAIR MURAD metallic evening dress
If you are going to be hosting your own upscale “invite-only” dinner affair than this metallic evening dress is what a host should be wearing. This dress has so much panache, no one will ever forget what you wore!
Going out to with the girls? Be the center of attention in this cute A-line disco dress and dance like you never danced before!
Matthew Williamson Lacquer Lace Feathered Dress
This  feather cocktail dress is a good look for a “Great Gatsby” themed party . It is a great dress for young ladies that may be attending a teen party.
Roksanda Ilincic Alcott Ruffled Wool Dress
This flutter sleeve dress  is an amazing look if socializing with friends at a dinner party, hosting at home or attending a church service.
Diane von Furstenberg Sol sequined silk-chiffon dress
An amazing cocktail dress that you can wear almost anywhere, but the comfort and fit is definitely for the party!
An adorable sweetheart dress with amazing leaf features, and gorgeous beaded detailing makes this dress a head turner for a young woman bringing in the New Year with family or friends.
HERVE LEGER Iman Foil Gold Champagne Metallic coated bandage dress
A bodycon dress is PERFECT for a dinner date with the man in your life. It is also a great dress for GETTING a man for the new year.
A very classic and ladylike dress, the baroque dress is very nice to wear for a family function or evening in worship.
Kaliko Satin Shift Dress, Mid Green
A satin dress is very inviting and friendly during the holiday season. Wear it out, entertaining at home, on a date or an evening service at church.
Blue Bandeau Peplum Dress


A peplum cocktail dress? But of course! This strapless number is filled with dazzle and sparkle just perfect for the parties or a fun filled date.

 This snug fit dress is dashing and daring! A dress that is fit for almost any party or event.

Low Back Sequin Dress

 The moment that you walk into the room and everyone stares… Yeah, you look that good in a low back sequin dress. Definitely a showstopping party dress.


 Be the effortlessly chic date or the flawless party host in this glitterati number.

No matter the dress or how you will celebrate, have fun enjoy life and look forward to what the new year has to bring!
Do you know what you will be wearing? Which dress tickles your fancy?
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DIY: How to Tie a Tie the Easiest Way!!!

A tie is a very powerful and manly accessory. It delivers a message of seriousness, business, professionalism, and surely success. The tie can definitely make the man.

As of lately, the tie has become an accessory for women. There should be no surprise that women are interested in the culture of the tie because women are also looking to deliver the same powerful message as their male counterpart, but women are also in love with the many details that make a tie very beautiful. Ties come in an array of colors from the bold and bright to the muted and pastels; the wonderful textures of fabrics that include silk, satin, and the luxurious cashmere; let’s not forget the countless patterns of paisleys, dots, geometrics and stripes.

If you are a woman that thinks that a tie is just to masculine to wear, think again. There are a few ways to make the tie soft and feminine while still keeping its masculine and powerful edge. There are many simple ways to make a tie more feminine and one is to complement a fitted turtleneck sweater with a silk tie.

Not sure how to tie a tie? Here is a step-by-step guide to tying one of the simplest knots known as the “Four In Hand”. This knot is not just easy but it is classic and chic.

Step 1

Place the tie neatly on the neck, front side flat. The wide part of the tie should be longest, and the thinner part of the tie should be touching just above the belly button.

Step 2

Cross the wider part of the tie over the thinner part of the tie.

Step 3

Wrap the wider part of the tie around the thinner part of the tie one time.

Step 4

Wrap the wider part of the tie around the thinner part of the tie for the second time.

Step 5

Pull the wide part of the tie up through the neck of the tie which is closest to your shirt.

Step 6

Take the wider part of the tie and slide it through the hoop which is in the very front of the tie–pull through.

Step 7

Pull and adjust the tie to your comfort. Make sure to keep the neatness of the tie. It should be lying flat.

Your finished!!!

Your knot will look just like this which is perfect. The slight slant in the symmetric is normal for the “Four In Hand Knot”.

Doesn’t the tie give a very fashionable look to the sweater? It is really cool and swank!

Will you be wearing the tie trend? Will you pass?

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FASHION: What Your Choice Of Holiday Dresses Says About You!

Holiday Dresses

Dressing up for the holiday season can be lots of fun… but shopping for that perfect dress can be a headache. You need to have the right fit, the right color and the right style. Although it may seem complicated, it is really easy to find that fabulous dress by looking for one that not only fits your body but also your style.

Are you aware of your style and what it says about you? Here are a few styles that will help in your quest for holiday style perfection.

Classic Lady Holiday Dresses

If you find yourself drawn to solid colors, classic cuts, length, and vintage inspired designs then your style is “The Classic Lady”. The “Classy Lady” is a respected Fashionista who is heavily inspired by women of the past. She is more than happy to bring the class of yesteryear into the future. She chooses to be viewed as smart, clean and classy.


  • Solid Colors- Red, Green, Nude, Black, etc.
  • Classic and Classy Cuts
  • Vintage Designs
  • Little Black Dresses
  • Light and Fashionable Accessories

Modern Holiday Dresses

If you find yourself drawn to simplicity; simple patterns, designs, cuts, colors, and sophisticated modest clothing, then your style is “The Modernist”. The “Modernist Lady” is a Fashionista who enjoys the simple things in life and it not afraid to show it. Although she is up-to-date in clothing, she is more concerned with fit and quality. She chooses to be viewed as sophisticated, professional and well-tailored.


  • Solid Colors
  • Solid Patterns
  • Tailored Cuts
  • Distinguished Fits
  • Chic Fashionable Accessories

Romantic Holiday Dresses

If you are a lady at all times and you are drawn to girly colors, lace, ruffles, fringes, and girly accents then your style is “The Romantic”. The “Romantic” is a Fashionista who enjoys luxuries and the sweet styles of women’s clothing. She looks forward to being swept off her feet and she thinks her fashion will do the trick. She chooses to be viewed as kind, dazzling and a “sweetheart”.


  • Attractive Colors
  • Ruffles
  • Bows
  • Feathers
  • Fringes
  • Beautiful Fabrics
  • Show Stopping Accessories

Free Spirit Holiday Dresses

If you find yourself drawn to unique and sometimes odd patterns, out-of-the-box cuts, mix-and-matching, and sometimes controversial designs then your style is “The Free Spirit”. The “Free Spirit” is a Fashionista who enjoys being different and unique.  She is sometimes considered a fashion faux pas but she never lets that get to her head because she is her own Stylista. She chooses to be viewed as fun, distinctive and bold.


  • Multiple Colors
  • Creative Patterns
  • Mixing textures
  • Loud Accessories

Glamorous Holiday Dresses

If you find yourself adoring the glamorous life and you are drawn to the spotlight, shimmer, shine, sparkle and spectacular dresses then your style is definitely “The Glamorous”. The “Glamorous Girl” is a Fashionista who enjoys the attention that her style brings her. She chooses to be viewed as bright, entertaining, and a star!


  • Bright Colors
  • Glitter
  • Sequin
  • Flare
  • Showy Accessories

Hostess Dresses for the Holidays

If you find yourself always the center of attention and you are drawn to bright colors, long flowing dresses, and attention grabbing cuts then your style is “The Hostess”. The “Hostess” is a Fashionista who enjoys being the queen bee of the room. She loves all the attention she gets and her dress shows it. She chooses to be viewed as outgoing, glamorous and the showstopper.


  • Bright Colors
  • Bright Patterns
  • Flowing Dresses
  • Amazing Cuts
  • Show Stopping Accessories

What is your style? What have you learned about your fashion panache?

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FASHION: 7 Stylish Hats for the Holidays and Beyond!

Stylish Holiday Hats

One thing that we all can agree upon when it comes to the winter is this:

It’s cold!

When the winds are blowing and the snow is building, it can be quite difficult to get out of our warm toasty beds and head off to work or classes. It’s not easy facing Old Man Winter head on… Or maybe we can face the wrath of the bitter old man by covering our head in a warm and stylish hat that is perfect for the cold wintry days and nights.

Some hats are perfectly stylish for the holiday season whether it’s to wear to the mall or on the slopes. You can find a fabulous hat for wearing out on a holiday date or wearing on your commute to work.

There is no need to take a beating in fashion because of the weather. Fight back by wearing one of these young, hip and chic styles of hats and be the knockout we know you are!

Brave Soul Panda Beanie
An animal beanie is really young, hip and chic!
Boohoo Sophie Bowler Hat
The bowler hat is a really chic style that has been around for quite some time. Dress up a very casual look in a bright and colorful bowler hat.
Juicy Couture Leopard Print Beanie with Faux Fur
An animal printed beanie with a faux fur pompom is so cute that you may never take it off!
Winter Chill Beanie

A loose fitted beanie is a cool and stylish trend that is seen a lot on college campuses. What makes the loose fitted beanie so cool is that it looks great with almost anything you wear.

High Risk Slouchy Beret
The slouch beret is very modish and can really give your outerwear or clothing a cool and relaxed look while still maintaining the fashion standards.
Boohoo Jillian Wide Brim Hat
Always classy and always sensible, the wide brim hat look stunning and warm all at the same time.
Pepe Jeans Fedora Hat with Leather Trim
The fedora with leather trimming is always an attention grabber especially when it is a bright and bold color like red or cobalt blue.

What kind of hat are you looking to wear for the holiday season? Will you be spending time at a ski resort? Will you be visiting your relatives? Do you have a dinner date with your friends?

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EVENT: Techweek Draws a Crowd for Debut Conference in New York City

Techweek New York 2014 will take place Sept. 29 through Oct. 5, 2014 at 82Mercer in Manhattan.

With a packed house, a robust panel of speakers and the generosity of our sponsors, Techweek New York was undoubtedly a success.

Techweek New York, the conference dedicated to showcasing the innovation ecosystem in New York City and along the east coast, held its debut conference Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 at 82Mercer in Manhattan. The event brought in mayoral candidates, fashion designers, tech CEOs and venture capitalists, many from the New York City area, though many others made the event a destination. Techweek will return to host Techweek New York 2014 on Sept. 29 through Oct. 5, 2014, with the conference being held at 82 Mercer on Oct. 2 through Oct. 3.

Highlights of this year’s event include:

The Smart Social Marketing Summit – Presented by Unified, a leading cloud marketing technology company and premiere conference sponsor, this summit gathered experts and innovators from leading global brands and agencies to explore the impact of social media on marketing and technology. Speakers at the Smart Social Marketing Summit included: Beth Goza, Senior Social Media Marketing Manager at Microsoft; Jason Beckerman, Co-Founder at Unified; Paul Marcum, Director of Global Digital Marketing & Programming at General Electric; and Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer at Groupon.

High-profile Speakers – Techweek New York gathered dozens of experts to discuss topics such as technology development, the future of media, fashion technology and startup growth advice. Featured speakers included: Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search at Bing; Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan, co-founders at Hukkster; Steve Jacobs, CIO at Gilt Groupe; Jon Czaja, COO at Bonobos; Jenny Lawton, President at Makerbot; and New York City mayoral candidates, Jack Hidary and Adolfo Carrión.

Startup LAUNCH Competition – 30 tech startups participated in Techweek’s startup LAUNCH competition. Document management system SeamlessDocs impressed the judges and walked away with $100,000 in cash and prizes from sponsors including: Unified, Fluent, Ruckus Marketing, Marengo Hampshire Partners, Embedded Advisors, Kindling, Loud Interactive, Herman Law LLC and LOFTBPO. SeamlessDocs is a next-generation eSigning solution with the mission to completely eliminate paperwork with cloud-based documents and forms.

Fashion Tech Runway Show – Capping off the conference was a fashion show featuring styles and accessories from iconic brands such as DKNY, Motorola, RACHEL Rachel Roy and Gemma Kahng, as well as e-commerce brands JustFab, Bow & Drape and StyleSaint.

“With a packed house, a robust panel of speakers and the generosity of our sponsors, Techweek New York was undoubtedly a success,” said Iain Shovlin, Chairman of Techweek. “We look forward to further growth next year. Mark your calendars for Techweek New York 2014.”

Having previously hosted conferences in Chicago and Los Angeles, this was Techweek’s first conference in New York.

To learn more about Techweek New York, visit

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