FASHION: Urban FLRT Makes Changes that are Good!

So many of you fashionistas may know about my love for the Urban FLRT shirt and brand; you may have also experienced it yourself when you attended the Uban FLRT trunk show that was held in Philly, PA in March of this year. If you are not aware, then let me explain why these shirts have become one of my favorite go-to shirts.

They are very stylish. The line of shirts that were created for 2013 were AMAZING as the line was dedicated to the art of music. Each and every piece represented the infatuation people have with music and the role that it plays in the hearts of the world. From the Disco Queen to I am Sasha Fierce, the shirts are colorful, classy, and oh so panache!

The material and make is top notch. The thread is spun from 100% polyester fabric. They use a unique dye process called “dye sublimation”. With dye sublimation, instead of applying the graphic to the shirt’s top layer, like with silk screen tees, the graphic is actually infused into the fabric using heat.

The message was fun. The brand Urban FLRT had a really fun message which according to Corey Wesley, the creator of Urban FLRT, “Urban FLRT is a brand where luxury meets street couture. The Urban FLRT brand is not about flirting, it’s about creating a multi-dimensional view of what fashion looks like in an urban environment.”

Well, there have been some changes over at the Urban FLRT camp and the change is good and with a purpose. Recently, when I visited the blog that complements the purpose-driven t- shirt brand, I noticed that the shirts were different and now adorned with the Urban FLRT logo. There are more V-Necks then the usual Crew Necks, and the style is very sleek and from just a glance, filled with a positive aura that enters the room before the wearer of the tee.

“Our tees have always represented the Acronym of FLRT (Freely Living Real and True) but it has now become so much more, says Corey. “FLRT is all about living a life that is of your own free will and living a life that is genuine, true, and done in earnest.  FLRT represents living the best life you can live and striving to be and do the best.  Being true to whom you are and being authentic makes a true FLRT stand out amongst the crowd.”

Corey also adds, “This empowering concept was brought to life by three friends who believe that living life to the fullest is the most rewarding. They believe that when you live life freely, real, and true you are opening yourself to better conversations, better connections, and better relationships with others.  You also become more self-aware and comfortable with whom you are as an individual.” I couldn’t agree more.

Recently, Urban FLRT and joined the website of many budding entrepreneurs and celebrities with long cash like Spike Lee and Zac Braff (which I have my opinion on, but not for this article) in order to raise funds to Kickstart his latest line of tees that represent his movement.

I am in full support of this movement because I believe in the acronym of Freely Living Real and True because as a young woman of a strong cultural background, life for me is not all about fashion but it is about the art, and the art of fashion is a way for us to live free in our expression by what we choose to wear that represents who we are and being real and true about how we live our lives and what we trust in that guides us in righteousness—be that Great Spirit, God, Buddha, etc.

In conclusion, I ask that you join the support of the Urban FLRT’s new agenda and purchase your new, most fashionable, and statement shirt and check out the Kickstarter here if you would like to donate to this awesome cause.

To learn more about the KickStarter, visit:


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