BEAUTY/HEALTH: When to TOSS Your Makeup!

Hey Fashionistas!

I believe that every beautinista suffers from the same problem when it comes to their makeup…they don’t know when to toss it! For sure, I have been ignorant to the knowledge of when to throw away besides when it has an expiration date. So alas, I did some research and I thought I would share it with you.

Here we go!

• Mascara- 3 months (if used daily)
• Concealer- 18 months
• Liquid Foundation- 1 year
• Powder Eye Shadow- 2 years
• Lipstick- 2 years
• Loose Powder- no expiration

As I complete this brief article,  I am making my makeup bin to be rid of that which can be harmful to my skin! It is full of powder eye shadows from about 2011 and mascara from 2012! I could only imagine all the bacteria that is in it. See, this is why I write…to keep you informed!

Tell me beautinistas; are you a victim of expired makeup?

UPDATE: I am more than happy to announce that my loss powder that matches my skin still worthy of keeping!


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