FASHION: 90s Trends We Want To Vanish!

It was cute at first: sparkly little Jelly shoes for kids at The  Children’s Place; slap band watches in multitudes of colors; leather jackets, and catsuits are a sign that 90’s fashion would live again.

Then one day, as I was sitting on the couch, it dawned on me. If the cute 90’s fashion is coming back then what is stopping the bad??? My eyes opened with fright thinking about the devastating clothing that came out in the 90’s. Could those styles be making a come back?

Will I be seeing fashion faux pas daily? Would the mind of the fashionable be contaminated with bad fashion? I had to make a stand…

I decided to write this article to remind the fashion conscious to stay out of the fashion bad lands and to inform those with little fashion knowledge to not fall into the hands of those producing the styles and bad trends. With this, I give to you “90s Trends We Want to Vanish!”.




Brown Lipstick

Tattoo Chokers

Bucket Hats

Pajama Looking Pants

Mix-Match Stockings

If the following trends come back into style…well, let’s just say the days of fashion is OVER!


DIY SPOTLIGHT: The SoHo Maxi Dress Tutorial by @sewmuchado!

I love “Do It Yourself” projects because not only do I get to express the artist in me, but I also get to create looks that fit my style and nothing is better than owning a couture piece.

I am starting a new series post call, “DIY Spotlight” which is going to be spotlighting projects that you can do right at home without too much concentration and stress. To begin this series off I wanted to share with you an awesome DIY I found on how to make a SoHo Maxi Dress which is going to be all the craze this summer!

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BEAUTY/HEALTH: When to TOSS Your Makeup!

Hey Fashionistas!

I believe that every beautinista suffers from the same problem when it comes to their makeup…they don’t know when to toss it! For sure, I have been ignorant to the knowledge of when to throw away besides when it has an expiration date. So alas, I did some research and I thought I would share it with you.

Here we go!

• Mascara- 3 months (if used daily)
• Concealer- 18 months
• Liquid Foundation- 1 year
• Powder Eye Shadow- 2 years
• Lipstick- 2 years
• Loose Powder- no expiration

As I complete this brief article,  I am making my makeup bin to be rid of that which can be harmful to my skin! It is full of powder eye shadows from about 2011 and mascara from 2012! I could only imagine all the bacteria that is in it. See, this is why I write…to keep you informed!

Tell me beautinistas; are you a victim of expired makeup?

UPDATE: I am more than happy to announce that my loss powder that matches my skin still worthy of keeping!


Hey Fashionistas,

Neon colors are making a big comeback once again for the summer season. The bright colors are showing up in every cut and design like leggings, dresses, pants, tops, hair clips extensions, accessories, nail polishes, and many more.

I personally like this trend because I think that it is fun, energetic, and also looks great on most skin tones!

I found that a lot of celebrities are rocking the look as well. Check out those who wore it the best.

You too can rock the look! Here are some of my favorite neon looks for this summer!

Dysis – Yellow

Sweetheart Neon Dress

Neon Chiffon Top

Patent Messenger Bag

To get in on the trend and make it your own; check out our boutique, “YHC Boutique” for all the most up-to-date and unique fashion!

What do you think of the trend? Is it “Young, Hip and Chic”?

FASHIONISTA POLL: When do your feet begin to ache when you wear heels?

It is time for a fun poll! Ladies I want you to be as honest as you can possibly be.

According to Fox29 News, 20% of women claim that within 10 minutes their feet are in pain when they wear their heels.


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