FASHION: Is Rita Ora the new “Material Girl”? Singer signs $760,000 deal…

Daily Mail reported that singer, Rita Ora,  may be in line to Georgia May Jagger as the face of Madonna’s Material Girl fashion clothing line.

Rita, 22, is said to have signed a $760,000 deal with the clothing line catering to teens sold only at Macy’s and she has apparently already shot a campaign ad.

Daily Mail also stated that  it is believed that Rita was recommended as the new face by Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, 16, who is also a co-designer of the collection.

A source told The Sun: ‘Lourdes has been a fan of Rita for a while and has been to many of her gigs. She persuaded her mum to see her.
‘They met at the Met Ball in New York last week and Madonna admired Rita’s attitude so signed the idea off.’

They also added:
‘Rita jumped at the chance because she’s such a fan of the Queen of Pop,’ the source continued.
‘She also hopes it will help her crack the States in the same way she has the UK.’

What do you think? Does Rita could make a good fit with the brand? I’m listening…


BEAUTY: Tamar Braxton Uncovers Struggle With Vitiligo [PHOTOS]

Tamar Braxton, the youngest Braxton sister, and the life of the show, The Braxton’s Family Values has come out and let it be known that she has vitiligo, a skin disease which causes discoloration.

After the debut of the hit show, Braxton’s Family Values in 2011, rumors came out in the press that Tamar was bleaching her skin. Unfair  journalism blogging was done in, my opinion. No one actually took out the time to do their research and ask the tough questions before making a conclusion about Tamar and why she appeared to be lighter than all of the other Braxtons.

In an exclusive interview with Ebony this week, she laid the rumors to rest by revealing that her lighter-toned skin is due to vitiligo, a skin disease which causes discoloration. She also stated that she has had it at a very young age.

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FASHIONISTA THOUGHT: When Prom Dresses Go Wrong… Blame the wearer or the designer???

Hey Fashionistas:

I am all about creativity but there is definitely a time when fashion creativity can go totally wrong!!!

I have come across many blogs that post attire of what people have worn to their proms and needless to say that my mouth has sometimes dropped to the floor. I can hardly believe what people have created in their minds and what designer would be daring enough to create it. In some cases, the clothig is so bad that I would think that as a designer and an artist, I would not want my name attached to the rags that these people throw on.

Now there are some creative geniuses that make their clothing to make a statement… I get that. For example, the Duck Brand Duct Tape held a contest in which the contestants had to make their clothing out of the colorful brand. It was fun, colorful, creative and a contest. I couldn’t help but appreciate the art and time that most people had to put in to the outfits in order to make them look…alive. Would I wear a duct tape dress on one of the most important fashion days of a girl’s life… probably NOT, but I can appreciate the love of the art.

But when does fashion got too far? I have a hard time with knowing that there are designers that listen to the ideas that people have and create it. I know that when the idea is given and they sketch it on their pad or in their minds, they know that this is NOT a good idea. I do understand that their clients are so stuck in their idea that they are not able to take suggestions, but come on! At what point does the artist go beyond the money and take responsibility as an artist? I think that a designer should be totally concerned with reputation when it comes to creating art because it is definitely not about the money.

There is another responsibility that can’t be overlooked and that is the responsibility of the parents. It leaves me to question, why does a parent approve of the designs and dresses that their children wear to the prom? What makes them allow their daughter to wear clothing that can be extremely revealing or terribly tacky? Some parents may say that they just want their little girl to be happy but what about safe? What about the possible regret when she looks back at her dress and then ask the question, “Why did you let me wear that?”

Most of all, it seems that the designer should know best. They understand the power of art and making a statement, and making a statement that makes the person wearing the clothing and look good and feel good. When the person looks good and feels good, they remember that it was the designer that made their idea and dream come true. Anyone would want to be remembered for that .

It is time for designers to take a stand and let people with crazy thoughts of fashion ideas that run through their heads know that they will not put together fabric and call it fashion…not in their name! And guide them to helping them create the vision that they want and make it beautiful! Don’t be afraid to say no and give the money back. The client will respect you more knowing that you will not compromise your reputation as an artist just to make a buck.

Example of a piece of fabric being called fashion!!!

Artist must unite in making that change when it comes to prom fashion so that young women will not have to regret wearing the clothes that you made for them. If your are not sure of what I mean, just take a look at the clothing above.

Would love to know your thoughts on this… Do you think that designers should say no to making dresses that look a mess? Do you think they should just collect the check???