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Young Hip Chick: Camilleco

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FASHIONISTA FIND: Heather Belle Co. Bags (@HeatherBelle4)!

Hey Fashionistas:

I truly love a good bag and I found a couple of really great bags that fit most of the really hot summer trends.

I had the moment to check out the accessories at Heather Belle Co. and I was totally impressed with her handbags.

According to Heather Belle Co., “The message behind the Heather Belle brand is intended to stimulate out of the box thinking, inspiring individuals to say, ‘Yes’ to life and empowering them to reach beyond the obvious; to take a leap of faith and move forward in any endeavor with a deeper, more meaningful connection to the world.”

Since clutch bags are so very chic and easy to carry I thought that these bags would be awesome to go with you cute summer attire. What also makes these bags so awesome is that they are vegan and disciplines how much we ladies like to bring with us when we are out and about. If you are anything like me, sometimes I feel the need to have everything and the kitchen sink.

Check out the bags below!

Allure Wristlet Light Purple Pyramid Leather Bag- $195

Love Clutch- $395

Aurdey Fold Over Flamingo Bag- $395

What do you think of these awesome bags?

You can check out more from Heather Belle’s Collection by visiting:


Kim Ombre Denim Shorts on SALE only at YHC Boutique!


Ombre denim mini shorts with 5-pockets and button with zipper closure at waist.

98% Cotton, 2% Spandex 
Made in Vietnam



FASHION: Jeans to Help You Reduce Cellulite…

Hey Fashionistas:

I have gotten this news a while back, but I wanted to share it with you now since there are so many products out right now that are promising to do “this and that” so that you can have that perfect summer body.

In January, Wrangler Jeans released a pair of jeans for women called “Denim Spa” that was made to help you reduce the amount of cellulite that you may have on your legs.

According to Bostinno Streetwise, these jeans are a really nice looking, unfortunately, they are not listed on the website any longer and I think that I have an idea why.

The skinny jeans are treated with such ingredients like apricot kernel oil and shea butter integrated directly into the fabric, a sartorial situation said to moisturize the skin simply by wearing the jeans which will help reduce the cellulite. Sounds good, right?

Well, in order for this treatment to work, the jeans have to be worn nonstop. What does that mean exactly? Let me enlighten you: the jeans were clinically tested by France’s Institute Adriant and proven to be effective on 69% of the testers but you would have to wear the jeans for eight hours a day, five days a week for four straight weeks.

Now this is where I draw the line on quick fixes. There is no way that I would suggest something so unsanitary then wearing a pair of jeans for almost a month straight in order to reduce cellulite. It just doesn’t make sense, and as a skeptic, I decided not to post about it. But interesting to note, I decided to visit the site to see if the jeans were still available for purchase ($136 a pair) and I was not able to find them listed.

I guess that the sales were not what they expected and they decided to pull the plug. I don’t blame them. I sent the brand an email in hopes of a response to the “missing jeans” and have not heard from them yet, but I know that many of you are wondering, just like me.

So my question to you ladies is, would you wear jeans that you have to wear for almost an entire month straight in order to look fit? Do you think that the jeans are unsanitary? I’m listening…

EVENT RECAP: 15th Annual Sisters’ Recognition Luncheon and Fashion Show!

On May 11, 2013, I had the privilege of being in the company of really great women at the 15th Annual Sisters’ Recognition Luncheon and Fashion Show at the Hilton Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. The event recognizes women within the Islamic community who contribute their time to people in need of their support and they also celebrate in their sisterhood by having a great time catching up with their fellow Muslimahs, praying together, and sharing their love for the modest and beautiful fashion that makes them unique.

A little history: I was graciously invited by my sister friend, Aliyah Ali who I was so happy for because this was her first year to serve as the Chair of the UMM (United Muslim Masjid) Fashion Show Committee. I first met Aliyah while she was at work at Joan Shepp. I thought that she was absolutely fierce as she wore her cheetah print hijab and all black. She then sashayed by me and gave a warm hello. We have been associates ever since. So when she invited me to this event to share in her culture, I did not want to miss this opportunity as I was a special invited guest and I so wanted to meet the sisters of Islam.

Back to the day of the event. I had already decided what I was going to wear weeks in advance because I wanted to be sure that I represented modesty. See, the Islamic religion is very much like my culture when it comes to dress. The women of the Nantigo Tribe are also about modesty, grace and natural beauty. I wore a long red dress with navy blue roses. Check out the split. I know that the reds are not the same in my jacket but this leather jacket is the bomb and I so wanted to wear it.

So the event started at 11am and my mom, manager, partner and bestie decided that it would be wise to be there at 12pm for the lunch, what a bad idea! The place was packed and there was nowhere for us to sit. I did run into my dear sister, Aliyah Ali, who promised me that she was looking for a seat for us. My mom and I stood at the entrance and admired the wonderfully dressed women walk by in their traditional abayas with a modern edge. Each woman offered a warm smile and a friendly hello, making us feel like we belonged.

Finally, seats were found for us. There was no press table so I had to sit amongst the sisters that were at the table. My mom and I were again welcomed to the table warmly and I had a pleasant conversation with sister Kadijah Ali Campbell, who came all the way from New Hampshire to share in the love with her sisters. That was the sister that I hung out with during the fashion show and we had a ball chatting it up.

I ran into my girl, Yumnah Najah, the awesome accessory designer who was displaying her goods and was also featuring her jewelry in the fashion show. There were not a lot of vendors but there were a lot of fashionable clothing that came down the runway.

The fashion show was awesome as there were designs from many great designers but my favorites of the day were Gwendolyn Dawan and Z Fashions. What I liked so much about the fashion show is that there were a lot of new designers that really did an excellent job and they had their opportunity to shine in the spotlight and be celebrated as if they were seasoned designers.

I know that my girl, Saniyyah Bilal of Curio Styling was in the back as the model coordinator, but I was so pleasantly surprised to see her strutting down the catwalk, the girl werked!!! I also saw my girl, Keziah of Philly Hijabs Killing It who also served as the Assistant Design Director. She looked absolutely stunning in her red traditional dress. She is just so stylish!

Me with Keziah of Philly Hijabs Killing It and Saniyyah Bilal of Curio Styling

Overall, my mother and I had a great time and the experience was amazing. I think beyond the fashion and the food, what made it such a great time was being with women who were modest and so humble. They enjoyed themselves as sisters and they were so kind to me and my mom. We enjoyed the M.C. Aliya Khabir who was hilarious, loved her! Women getting together and enjoying life in harmony is the environment that I love to be a part of.

I so look forward to the next event and to my sister Aliyah Ali, thank you. You did a WONDERFUL job and don’t forget about me next year. Save my seat because you know that I am coming!

Me with Aliyah Ali

Side Note: There are not any photos to show you of the clothing that appeared on the runway because we were asked not to take pictures of the women for modesty sake, so please enjoy the ones that are posted here and make an effort to attend one in person, you will not be disappointed.

Fashionably out,

Tweety Elitou