Young Hip Chick: Jennifer Wang

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Young Hip Chick: Alissa Wilson

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#FASHION FACTS: Find the Style of Swimsuit that FitsYour Personality!

Summer is around the corner and finding a swimsuit can be hard to do when there are some many colors, styles, and cuts to choose from. It is also very important to have the right size and fit because not all of our bodies are the same and some looks just do NOT complement our shapes, curves, and yes, or our personalities. But hey, that is the beauty of variety.

So how can you find a look that you will ultimately feel comfortable in and that will scream, “this is me and I am fabulous”?

Check out some of the most popular styles of bathing suits and what they could say about you.

"The One Piece"
The One Piece has  more coverage than most bathing suits. This style comes in various cuts and colors, all derived from the shape of a leotard.

Your personality is… conservative, in-control, safe, lady-like, mannerly, modest, patient, and self-confident!

"The Racer Back"

This is the type of suit that you see on Olympic swimmers because the the racer back allows the swimmer to use full movement of their arms.

Your personality is… sporty, adventurous, outgoing, focused, fun, edgy, competitive, and self-disciplined!

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EARTH DAY! 7 Ways to Make Fashion/Beauty Earth Friendly!

Earth Day is here! As a Native American, I believe that Earth Day is everyday and we should always be considerate of the world that makes sure we have everything we need EVERYDAY without ever asking for anything… but respect. Take that into consideration.

Well, for Earth day, I choose to post up a few ways to make fashion and beauty earth friendly.

Give to a Goodwill or Salvation Army. This is one quick and easy way of recycling, and a great way to give back to your community, especially those in need. When you change over your winter clothes to get your bright summer clothing give your unwanted clothing to the Salvation Army or the Goodwill which will not only give you more room but it will also give you a reason to get more fashionable clothing! Oh, don’t forget to shop there too!

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FASHION: The Glitterati is Taking Over! Wearing the latest S/S Trend from Head to Toe Ideas!

Hey Fashionistas:

So all that glitters is not necessarily gold, but it can surely be sequins!! That’s right, sequins are one of the trends that are hot for the spring/summer of 2013 and people are being bold and wearing it during the day. Wearing sequins during the day is an awesome way to be bold and fly without doing too much.

Here are a few tips for being a part of the “glitterati” and making your sparkle shine on the runway that we call the streets.

DYI. When you can’t afford it, do it yourself. I found a really cool website called, Taylor and Demolish where she shows you how to make your own sequins pants and it is pretty easy. I would also look for DIY sites that show you step-by-step how to make shorts like, A Pair and a Spare and a really cool skirt on missannielise’s Youtube.

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EVENT: Tweety on the Scene at Sultry’s Make Up Launch- “Springtime in Paris”

You know that I love to support fashionistas that love to support me, and that is what I did this past weekend. On April 14, 2013 my wonderful makeup artists, Ms. Toni launched her new lipstick and gloss line, “Springtime in Paris” for her new makeup line, Sultry at Marki Starr Studio in Philly, PA. The studio was very quaint, chic and perfect place to launch Ms. Toni’s lip line.

The lipstick is made smooth with a little matte but enough vitamin E that it gives you a smooth feel. Each gloss and lipstick is made of natural ingredients such as bees wax, mica and pigment, Vitamin E, and Castor Oil. The colors are very vibrant and most of the colors look great on almost any skin tone (again, almost every, not every skin tone). I was wearing a really pretty orange color called, “Romantique “which was my favorite color.

There were a lot of good people in attendance to receive goodies bags with samples of the gloss, including the Blue Nile color that had the crowd buzzing.  There were light refreshments (the Spinach Dip was EVERYTHING), good music provided by DJ Dior, and makeup testing with the one and only Ms. Toni that led to spending.

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Young Hip Chick: Cheryl

Street Chic At: California

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